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Aspirations of Our Benefactors

It is our conviction that the aspiration prayers of the Sangha are just as important as money in fulfilling Garchen Rinpoche's wishes for the Garchen Institute. We deeply appreciate your prayers for the success of the Endowment! We frequently receive beautiful prayers and poems from donors, and we would like to share them.

By sending your prayers or aspirations to us, you are giving your permission for us to share them on this website. If you do not want them to be made public in this way, please let us know.

May the merit of our generosity and noble intentions bring all beings to enlightenment!



It’s 2:30 in the morning, and the moon is casting sharp black shadows under the eaves of the stupa, where I’ve come to ease my aching knees and wake up in the cold air. The rough flagstone feels good under my boots. Prayer wheel spinning in one hand and a mug of hot tea in the other, I circumambulate.

Below, in the temple, the musical pulse of the Vajrakilaya mantra is barely audible, mixing with the night wind in the junipers.

The preciousness of this place suddenly wells up, stinging in my eyes. So many images rush to mind: the woman who just now arrived in the temple, out of the black vastness of a night of travel, gratefully prostrating into the dim red glow of the temple—Garchen Rinpoche, who had meditated motionless as the rest of us came and went, looked up to wave and greet her; my deep admiration for the staff member who worked all day until 11:00 PM, and is now back in the temple practicing; Traga Rinpoche, humble and businesslike, filling the offering bowls before dawn and beginning his perfect prostrations.

Filled with moonlight, tea and blessings, I’m ready to head back into the warm heart of the practice mandala. Walking down the steps from the stupa, I feel amazed—that I’m actually here, that I belong here. And grateful that this is a place where bodhicitta is actually being practiced.

To my dharma friends—those of you who love Garchen Rinpoche and love the Southwest Buddhafield—please make aspiration prayers from your heart that this Dharma Center, Rinpoche’s jewel-like gift to us, may continue forever as a beacon of loving kindness. The Southwest Buddhafield Endowment Fund is intended to help make this happen. If you are able to contribute financially, I feel strongly that there is no greater field of merit, and that great benefit will come of this. I also strongly believe that this is a perfect way of serving our holy guru.

Thank you!
Will Evans
Southwest Buddhafield Endowment Fund



November, 2007

"May the Garchen Institute provide a place of refuge and reunion for all of the disciples in our mandala for this and all future lifetimes, and may the mandala continue to expand until all of samsara is emptied."
Kay Candler



"May we all work together for the benefit and awakening of all of us, with much love."
This aspiration and a generous donation were made in honor of Margie Shepard and Bob Noren.



To Kent and Eyahnna,
Wherever you are, thank you! The wonderful dharma books and materials you donated raised lots of money for the endowment, and raised our spirits as well. We wish you all the best in your new endeavors and hope you'll keep in touch.
Jacki, Bill and Will



From the space of unelaborated primordially perfected union of awareness & compassion
is the heart-son of the buddhas, Garchen Rinpoche.

Your undiscriminating wisdom activity manifests as boundless compassion and the pure expression of the six perfections.

The purity of your spontaneous enlightened expressions is difficult to comprehend leaving this disciple paralyzed with flowing tears of bliss.

A nirmanakaya emanation of the peaceful and wrathful deities.
Lama hold me in your loving gaze of the Arya's.
Lama may I never be separated from you in all lifetimes.
Lama bless my mind that samsara & nirvana be of one taste
Lama may my heart become as vast as space leaving no room for self-clinging.
Lama may I abide in your noble assembly emptying the six realms imbued with vajra pride.
Above all, may my mind & heart become inseparable from yours.
Lama I pray your emanations & activities never cease and your life be long.

Written during the repelling section of the Yamantaka drubchen by the disciple Konchok Dodul.



To Cindy Haney: Dear Vajra Sister,
The Colorado sangha has made a generous offering to the Endowment in your honor. May blessings of health, happiness and love surround and protect you!




A very generous donation has been made to the Endowment by Kevin and Jane Knapp, in honor of Kevin's late parents, William H. Knapp and Jane Louise Keith Knapp. May the blessings of merit and goodness accompany them always!




Due to the auspicious occasion of our beloved Lama teaching in Tucson and the student receiving Social Security Disability there is one less Tara available on the Thangka.  - Anonymous