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Sponsor a Tara on the 1000 Tara Thangka


To Garchen Triptrül  Rinpoche

We offer this Tara Thangka as a token of our love for you, your teachings and the mandala you have created known as the Southwest Buddhafield.
May Tara hold you in her arms always.
May she hold the teachings and the Center near and dear.
In all lifetimes, may Tara rain a continuous stream of blessings upon you and your disciples.
May Tara firmly establish the Southwest Buddhafield in adamantine splendor.
May virtue increase and harmony within the Sangha blaze forth.
May all who gaze upon her, be inspired to diligently practice your teachings.
And may we all link arms, victory banners in hand, and approach the stronghold of enlightenment together for the benefit of all Beings.


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To all of you in Garchen Rinpoche’s Mandala,

I have some miraculous news to share with you regarding the Southwest Buddhafield Endowment/Trust Fund. It’s really quite an amazing story. In November during the 2006 Vajrakilaya Drubchen, blessings rained down like a summer monsoon. One of the blessings goes like this:

Christina Lundberg, a student of Garchen Rinpoches’, proposed we commission a large thangka with White Tara (Garchen Rinpoche) in the center surrounded by 1,000 Taras (the sangha). For each person contributing $1,000 to the Endowment Fund, he or she would choose which Tara they wished to be on the thangka. I thought this a great idea, as did everyone here at the Center, and Christina was asked to write to the thangka painter she knows in Nepal to see if he could do this. Upon contacting him, he reported he had a thangka just like this already painted in his studio in Katmandu and that it would have taken a year to a year and a half to paint another one. Clearly this was our thangka!

Three sangha members immediately came forth to purchase the thangka, and we were able to present it to Garchen Rinpoche and the sangha on Losar morning. It now hangs in the Garchen Institute Temple next to Lord Jigten Sumgon. The best surprise is that not only is the thangka stunning, the White Tara in the center looks just like Garchen Rinpoche! She has a masculine torso, and her biceps look like she’s been working out in the Bodhisattva gym. See for yourself, as I’ve included a photo of her with this letter.

For anyone who would like to be a Tara, we would welcome your help. There are four rainbow spheres filled with Taras surrounding the large central Tara, and for anyone who would like to be a “rainbow sphere Tara,” we’re asking for a $5,000 donation. If every Tara on the thangka is sponsored, we will reach our goal of raising 2 million dollars to seed the Endowment Fund.

To contribute, checks can be made payable to the “Southwest Buddhafield Endowment Fund” and sent to:

Monica Johnson, Treasurer
98 Porter Rd.
Howell, NJ 07731-8614

Your donations are tax deductible.



Special Video Message from H.E. Garchen Rinpoche for the Endowment

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Tara Practice for the Southwest Buddhafield Endowment!

Associated Media: Sadhana PDF  |  Sadhana Tibetan MP3  |  Sadhana Tibetan MP3  |  Mantra MP3

We have set up a Tara mantra accumulation counter on our website. Here's why!

In our recent meetings with Garchen Rinpoche about the Endowment, Rinpoche emphasized Tara practice. Last summer we asked Rinpoche if there was any practice that we could do to help establish the Endowment, and Rinpoche's answer was this: "Tara practice. Arya Tara will accomplish everything." We met with Rinpoche during the Vajrakilaya drupchen this November, and he again stressed the importance of Tara practice. "If you rely on the practice of Arya Tara, the conditions for accomplishing the Endowment will naturally arise."

Based on Rinpoche's instructions, we have come to believe that prayers and aspirations in support of the Endowment Fund are just as important as financial donations.

For those of you who, like us, are not able to give a lot of money, yet sincerely want to help, this is how! Please dedicate some Tara practice, either the Green Tara root mantra or the White Tara mantra, to the fulfillment of this noble project. It will definitely help. May our prayers and practice bring about the stability of the Garchen Institute, and may our beloved Garchen Rinpoche and Traga Rinpoche flourish! May beings centuries from now (ourselves, possibly) benefit from this work!

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Thank you!
Will, Monica and Bill

White Dzambhala for the Southwest Buddhafield Endowment!

White Dzambhala

Associated Media: Sadhana PDF  |   Garchen Sangha Doing Dzambhala Pracitce - MP3

Garchen Rinpoche has been recommending this practice for the benefit of the Institute and the Endowment for more than 3 years. At the conclusion of all drubchens this practice is done faithfully. Please join along using the media above for your practice.




Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha