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Great Accomplishment of the Endowment &
Thirty-Seven Bodhisattva Practices Garden

Raised $128,000 of $1,200,000

Retinue: $10,000   Sponsored Stones: $118,000


37 Bodhisattva Practices Garden


Saga Dawa, June, 2014

Dear supporters of the Endowment and the Garchen Buddhist Institute,

You have been an important part of the success of the Endowment and have helped us reach our current value of $800,000; thank you! The Garchen Institute has inspired and enabled countless connections between the Dharma and people from all over the world through the training and messages of selfless compassion & transcendent wisdom. The Endowment's goal is to preserve the sacred space of the Garchen Institute, the American seat of the great Kyabje Garchen Tulkus, for future generations and facilitate the profound experience of the peerless Drikung Kagyu teachings. We'll need your help once again for what will be the most important campaign the Endowment has undertaken since its inception, the Great Accomplishment of the Endowment.

During a meeting in November of 2013, Garchen Rinpoche said he wanted the Endowment completed in his lifetime. This was the first time he had ever mentioned a definitive timeline for the Endowment's accomplishment. Taking into consideration Rinpoche's advanced age of 78, it's prudent we all act quickly to raise the remaining $1.2 million dollars.

In a one year timeframe, this project seeks out just 50 donations of $25,000. Each $25,000 donation brings us closer to our goal and will sponsor a stone with a verse from the 37 Bodhisattva Practices, Garchen Rinpoche's heart transmission this lifetime. The garden's construction at the Garchen Institute will be a collection of stones forming a protective sphere and will make up the entire 37 Bodhisattva Practices text, plus a special verse composed by Garchen Rinpoche specifically for this project. For those unable to sponsor a stone, we've created the Dzambhala Retinue, an online collective where you can donate any amount toward community sponsorship of one stone. Several donors have already given $55,000 to help get the project started!

Contained within this packet Rinpoche has included his own personal plea for the accomplishment of the Endowment. Additionally, you will find an artist's rendering, further description of the 37 Bodhisattva Practices garden, and condensed donor information. Donor names will be engraved on stones at the site, in a low key fashion, so that friends and family may rejoice, and make a connection when visiting the Garchen Institute.

With gratitude and thoughts to the future,
Southwest Buddhafield Endowment Board Members
Will Evans 
Bill O'Brien
Monica Johnson


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